How to recover from Google Helpful Content Update?

Recover your website from Google helpful content update

People-focused Google Helpful Content Update

Usually, google does not highlight its update. But this time they not only highlighted it but also make a public announcement with guidelines. Last week Google made an important announcement. That important announcement was a Google Helpful Content Update that is people focused. Google used the words like “more content by the people, for the people in search.” in this blog, we will discuss the following topics: –

  • What is google helpful content update?
  • Why is this update launched?
  • What kind of website will get affected?
  • How to recover from this update?
  • Don’t worry in case!
  • Importance of google helpful content update

Let’s get started!

Back in the day, people used to do article spinning. Article spinning or content spinning, is where a piece of content, like a blog post, is rewritten hundreds of times, often with the help of ‘spinning software. It is considered a black hat SEO technique because it produces poor quality and unhelpful content for the end user.

To secure the authenticity and quality of the content google launched panda update in 2011. Google penalized and removed the duplicate content under Panda update. Websites are purely launched for a good user experience and to create an impression, but people start searching for new techniques to increase their ranking on google.

What is Google Helpful Content Update?

After 11 years of panda updates now google has launched google helpful content update. If you are writing content for people before it is optimized by the search engine.

Google wants to remove all the content that is of no use to the user. So, google wants you to write that content in which you are an expert and have knowledge related to that content area. You don’t need to copy, or rewrite already present content on another website under this update. You must write according to your knowledge and experience.

Why is this update launched?

It was crucial to launch such an update. But what is the purpose of this update? Why is it launched?

Following are the reasons that indicate the need for the “Google Helpful Content Update”

  • To improve the quality of content on search engines.
  • Delivering authentic knowledge-based content.
  • Excluding the raw content.
  • To remove the useful websites and content.
  • Ultimately increasing the good user experience.
  • To increase user satisfaction
  • Removing artificial intelligence-generated content that is copied many times.

What kind of website will get affected?

The website which will get affected under this content update includes,

  • Bulk content

First, your website should have a specific purpose not just to generate income from Ad sense. If you are making content that is in bulk with no one specific sense. Then there are chances of a penalty.

  • Every niche

Do you want to target every topic whether science, money, business, technology, investments, insurance, health, or education? Then you might be on the wrong track. Because you don’t need to include every type of niche in one website.

  • Copied content

General purpose blogs, job announcement blogs, or the content that you are rewriting can get penalized too. Because there is nothing new in that content other than just to increase income through AdSense.

  • Clickbait

Using clickbait words without imparting actual knowledge just to grab the attention of the audience can be penalized too. For example, if you are writing the blog on “5 ways to improve focus” and the content of those 5 ways is already present on google then that type of content has the chance to get knocked out!

  • Lengthy content

If you are writing content and constantly dragging it with unnecessary jargon just to increase the number of words or sentences. Then we have bad news for you! Because under this update google is also targeting those types of websites.

Google is going to remove not only the content but also the websites. This update will run continuously, and the penalty will be given automatically.

How to recover from this update?

Install the SEO required plugin, make sure that you have this analytic module toggled on and that you have connected your site to Google Search Console and Google Analytics. Once you have connected your site to your google properties, go to the analytic module. There you will see your search console and analytic data in one place. Now you can check the performance of your site under “google helpful content update.” You need to keep the track of the data movements of the site. You can see the performance of other individual pages.

Check out the clicks and impressions. Below 10 to 60 clicks indicate low clicks and over the months with low search impressions, then there is a clear indication that there is a low search demand, or the article is not ranked anywhere near page one. In this case, you can consider deleting those articles or content. To delete the content, copy the page link, go to the redirection’s module, add a new redirect, paste the copied URL, and select the 401-content deleted option. Remember not to redirect the page back to any random page or article. In short identify, remove, or improve the unhelpful content.

Don’t worry in case!

You do not need to worry about this update if,

  • Your content satisfies the search intent.
  • The entire site structure is cleared.
  • Your site is a serving group of people.

If your website has copied content or artificial intelligence generated content, then you need to remove the content from the website as soon as possible. Because it can take months to recover from this update. But here is another thing, it seems like this update is targeting site owners using artificial intelligence writers, which is not true.

If you are an expert or knowledgeable about any niche and you are using an artificial intelligence writer to assist you with your writing. You are fact-checking, manually editing your content through an artificial intelligence writer, and ensuring that the entire content satisfies search intent for quality output. Then you can use artificial intelligence writer. The problems come when the content writer heavily relies on the artificial intelligence writer and publish content without fact-checking or proper research.

Importance of Google’s helpful content update

Google is introducing this update as a ranking factor to improve the search quality they have been promising their users for a long time. If you are new to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and content writing then you need to take guidelines from the webmaster, make your learning speed up and then go for writing content. Google is looking for more value that you can add to people’s life and people’s knowledge that’s why it is the people-focused update with a statement of “more content by the people, for the people in search.” When someone lands on your page, consumes your content, and visits another page of your website then it is going to give a good impression to google about your website.

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